Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some frequently asked questions to assist our client in understanding the courses we provide. If there are other questions not listed, feel free to contact us on our “Contact” page.

What is MEM course?

Major Emergency Management course is for personnel who are involved in the Emergency Response Team. The course is divided into theory and practical elements. Participants will have to attend the classroom theory of MEM to understand the core value, methods and tools required to manage a major emergency. Second part of the course will emphasize on their practical performance in the Emergency Control Room simulator, where participants are given the opportunity to take on the different roles in the Emergency Control Room. Individual participants will be appraised based on their performance during these practical exercise.

What is the duration of MEM Course?

OPITO MEM course requires minimum 4 days.
In-house Client Company MEM course will range from 3 to 5 days depending on the company requirement and number of participants.

What is Element 1.1 for OIM Controlling Emergencies Assessment?

Element 1.1 is “Maintain State of Readiness” for OIM Controlling Emergencies Assessment. This form is to be prepare by participant or his/her superior to assess participant’s knowledge of the installation, equipment and personnel and verified by his/her superior prior to the assessment.

What is the number of participants for each MEM Course?

The ideal number of participant is 6 per course, which makes up the Emergency Response Team during practical exercises. MEM Course can be conducted with lesser participants at an additional cost of engaging a role player to fill up each missing participant.